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We celebrate folks working to make our world a welcoming place. A few favorites….

Lal Zimman

Sociocultural linguist, scholar of language and trans experience, faculty at UC Santa Barbara, and lover of political analysis in its many forms. (he/him/his)

Must read: Pronouns have always been political.


Yes, Sweden the country…

Sweden did not stall on the bathroom issue.

In 2015, Hen (a gender-neutral pronoun) was officially added to the dictionary.

AND Sweden continues to do serious work around realizing welcoming classrooms and communities for folks.

What’s Your Pronoun?

Beyond He and She.

Book written by Dennis Baron. 2020. Liveright Publishing Corporation.

A must read!

The Registrar Office

Augustana College

No office is more regulated: state regulations, federal regulations… and yet Dean Fowler works to ensure all Augustana student identities are respected. If the Registrar office can figure it out… we all can. Thank you Dean Fowler!

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